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6-8, July, 2018

New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre,

St.Petersburg, nab. Fontanka river, 49 A


In July, 2018, the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre will host an international festival dedicated to one of the most pivotal music genre of the XX century - Acousmatic. Begotten in France in the end of 1940s, by 1974 it obtained its instrumentary, Acousmonium, developed by composer François Bayle with co-thinkers in GRM centre, Paris. This “loudspeaker orchestra” is configured from speakers with various direction and gain-frequency characteristics that enables to perform and perceive music as dimensional spatial matter.

The festival participants are advanced Acousmonium practitioners from France, Austria and Russia, each contributes with curatorial block of lectures, workshops and music performances.


The festival participants are advanced Acousmonium practitioners from Austria, France and Russia, each contributes with blocks of lectures, workshops and music performances.

François Bayle (France), Jean-Claude Eloy (France), Daniel Teruggi (France),

Thomas Gorbach (Austria), Volkmar Klien (Austria), Martina Claussen (Austria), Burkhard Stangl (Austria) 

Curator of the Festival - Anton Iakhontov  aka Patrick K.-H. (Russia / Austria)

Scene of the acousmonium for a concert of the GRM, 1980

François Bayle

composer of Electronic MusicMusique concrète.

He coined the term Acousmatic Music.


Bayle studied with Stockhausen and Messiaen. He joined the ORTF Groupe de Musique Concrète in 1960 and was influenced by Schaeffer. He later led the group when it became the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) in 1966. In 1975, the GRM was integrated with the new Institut national de l'audiovisuel (INA) with Bayle as its head, which post he held until 1997. During these years he organized concerts, radio broadcasts, seminars and events celebrating individual composers, supported technological developments (Syter, GRM Tools, Midi Formers, Acousmographe) and was behind innovations such as the Acousmonium and the INA-GRM recordings label.

Thomas Gorbach
(Vorarlberg / Austria)

Traditional classic music studies in Switzerland specialized on Oboe, Composition and Conducting. 1996 move to Vienna – Studies in Analysis, Interpretation and Composition of Electroacoustic Music at the Electronic Music Department of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Since 2006 lectures in Electroacoustic Music at the Vienna University of Technology.

2007 – start to build up Austria’s first Acousmonium, The Vienna Acousmonium. Since 2007 – 40 concerts on his Acousmonium.

Patrick K.-H.
aka Anton Iakhontov 
(Vienna / St.Petersburg)
sound artist / video artist / composer, for the time works with sound installations, live and written acousmatic, graphical collage and animation. Researches interactive / cross-disciplinary forms, permutating the media, aiming on achieving unexpected mutants. Member of many international collaborations. Author of music / video to drama / contemporary dance / post-dramatic theatre plays and performances as well as his own works in Russia, Austria, Germany and USA.
Art-director of Media Studio in Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg. Founder and co-curator of the Floating Sound Gallery for spatial sound (St.Petersburg), organiser and curator of festivals and educational programs. 


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