Acousmonium - фестиваль акусматической музыки

ST. PETERSBURG                                            JULY 25-28, 2019

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25-28, July, for the second time The New Stage hosts international festival “Acousmonium”, dedicated to acousmatic - one of the most influential discipline of the XX century music evolution. Engendered in the 1940-s in France as “musique concrete”, in 1974 by genius of Francois Bayle and co-thinkers of his centre GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicale) it was facilitated with the new type of orchestra - loudspeakers orchestra - Acousmonium.  

This year, the main focus of the Festival is on the original GRM Acousmonium system of speakers brought from Paris studio to be deployed at the New Stage. Coupled with classic instrumentarium, INA GRM team led by director, composer Francois Bonnet brings unique program that encompasses over 70 years of concrete masterpieces - from founding fathers (Pierre Schaeffer, Bernard Parmegiani, etc.) to current residents of GRM - to be premiered in Russia. Living classics, Francis Dhomont and Gilles Racot, are coming in person to diffuse their award-winning pieces.

President of Belgian Federation of Electroacoustic Music Todor Todoroff will submit music experimentations of composers-members of the Federation, along with his own new works. Daniel Teruggi and Thomas Gorbach, peer advisory board members of the Festival, perform and give practicums, and our traditional 3-days hands-on-Acousmonium workshop for interested practitioners this time will be held by GRM instructors.


Considered as a pioneering unit in electroacoustic, acousmatic and concrete music, the GRM (Music Research Group) has been, since 1958, a unique laboratory for sonorous experimentations.

Integrated with the INA (National Audiovisual Institute) since 1975, the GRM has kept a strong involvement in the experimental music field and is still expanding its repertoire every year.

Today, INA GRM welcomes internationally renowned composers in residency, produces concerts in France and abroad (PRÉSENCES électronique Festival, Multiphonies concerts season), and develops internationally acclaimed software for music production and sound design.

It conveys, to a broad audience, a cultural patrimony in constant evolution through radio shows on France Musique (L’Expérimentale), record production (monographic CD box-sets, Re-collection GRM), publications (Portraits polychromes, SPECTRES), and educational content (Creamus, Éduthèque).

The Acousmonium is an orchestra of loudspeakers deployed in front of and around the audience, which allows a complex diffusion of the sound in the entire space of the venue. It’s been designed to be very flexible, and to be played by an interpreter seated behind a mixing console.

The festival participants are advanced Acousmonium practitioners from France, Belgium,  Austria and Russia, each contributes with blocks of lectures, workshops and music performances:​

Daniel TERUGGI, Francois BONNET, Philippe DAO, Emmanuel RICHIER, Jules NEGRIER, Gilles Raymond RACOT, Francis DHOMONT, Thomas GORBACH, Dmitry SHUBIN, Andrey BUNDIN, Rushaniya NIZAMUTDINOVA, Oleg MAKAROV.

Curator: Anton Iakhontov aka Patrick K.-H. (Russia / Austria).



New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre,

St.Petersburg, nab. Fontanka river, 49 A

Curator: Anton Iakhontov aka Patrick K.-H.